Our company was established in 1996 in the Historic LoDo Denver area of Colorado. With enormous help from local jewelers we very quickly expanded ourselves to become even more precise and specialized in our art. Work experience has ranged from the Former President Bill Clinton of the United States, Queen Elizabeth of England, NHL Hall of Fame Mark Messier, and many other high profile clients.

The master hand engraver was trained in the thousand year old city of Yaroslavl, in Northern Russia, at the School of Rare Occupations whose local area had a rich history of enamel culture 33 years ago. Combined with the great American engraving school he created his own personal style. Using traditional gravers and hand tools he can engrave miniature pieces of jewelry, watches, and even to big trophies or trays. He also learned how to make his own way of engraving on hard metals like tungsten and stainless steel by hand.

Soon after our establishment began we started to make a big impact on the jewelry industry by the discovery of new technologies. In 1999 we started working with 3D software design using computer programs and high tech equipment. Successfully we get to the point where we could create anything the client wanted. Every day we are working on new designs and motives to satisfy even the most picky customers.