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    Colorado theme 14K gold signet ring

    2018 - 09.25

    Sterling silver bands with blue enamel

    2018 - 08.21

    white gold bands rings blue enamel diamond

    14K yellow gold wedding bands with dark blue enamel

    2018 - 06.24

    Custom made wedding bands. 14K yellow gold and blue enamel.


    Hand engraving on signet ring

    2018 - 03.26

    10K gold signet ring hand engraving monogramEnglish made 10K gold signet ring. Hand engraved monogram KCA – $200

    14K rose gold signet ring. Family Crest.

    2018 - 01.05

    14K gold grape leaves ring family crest coat of arms14K rose gold.


    CAD 3D model for a “Golden Girl” 18K gold ring

    2017 - 12.05

    New project …

    Black enamel on 18K gold

    2017 - 11.21

    18K gold black enamel rings18K gold and black enamel.

    Year 2001

    “Star Wars” silver ring

    2017 - 11.14

    Platinum engagement ring engraved by hand

    2017 - 11.13

    Hand engraving – $400

    18K gold cigar band

    2017 - 10.30

    18K cigar band enamel

    Enameled 18K gold bands

    2017 - 10.30

    18K gold bands enamelMy old designs from 2002

    “Skull” silver signet ring. Motorcycle club logo.

    2017 - 09.02

    Silver version – $1000

    “Mountains” engagement ring. 14K rose gold and peach sapphire.

    2017 - 08.09

    CAD model and engagement ring, 14K rose gold with “peach” sapphire. The Chugach Mountains in Alaska and Mt. Sneffels.in Colorado. Aspen leaves.

    CAD model for the wedding band. White and yellow gold combination.

    2017 - 07.23

    14K yellow gold and silver – $1000

    14K white and yellow gold – $2000

    Western-style wedding band.

    2017 - 05.30

    CAD 3D model 14K gold wedding band western-styleCAD 3D model 14K gold wedding band Western-style


    CAD model for “mountain lion” ring.

    2017 - 04.03

    14K white gold signet ring. Monogram KS. CAD/CAM model.

    2017 - 03.22

    14K gold $1400

    Signet ring. CAD model.

    2017 - 02.14

    Golden signet ring. Hand engraving. Family crest.

    2017 - 01.06

    Hand engraving only – $400Family crest Coat of Arm handengraving signet ring

    “Breckenridge” ring

    2016 - 11.08

    CAD model and silver band. Breckenridge Colorado mountains.

    Silver version – $500

    “Denver ring

    2016 - 11.06

    Silver version – $500

    CAD rendering. Platinum band with two snakes.

    2016 - 09.15

    Platinum version – $2200

    Six snakes ring.

    2016 - 09.10

    CAD rendering for “snakes” ring.

    Gold and silver ring.

    “Snakes” silver ring

    2016 - 08.16

    snake silver ringSilver version – $300

    CAD rendering for engagement ring with customer handwriting.

    2016 - 07.15

    CAD rendering for engagement ring with customer handwriting

    This is just  for example. Different variations are available on your request.

    I can just create new ring based on your idea.
    To make this ring I need to know your finger size, preferable metal and stone.
    Also send me your phrase you would like to use.
    Sterling silver-$500 plus stone.
    Gold and platinum price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size.
    The final product will take 4-6 weeks to complete.
    Thank you.

    This is just  for example. Different variations are available on your request.I can just create new ring based on your idea.To make this ring I need to know your finger size, preferable metal and stone.Also send me your phrase you would like to use.Sterling silver-$500 plus stone.Gold and platinum price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size. The final product will take 4-6 weeks to complete.Thank you.

    Silver band. Floral design.

    2016 - 07.14

    Hand engraved double monogram on 14K signet ring.

    2016 - 06.16

    Hand engraving $250.gold signet ring hand engraved double monogram sketch

    Old grapevine design. New silver band.

    2016 - 06.01

    Grapevine design. CAD rendering for silver band.

    Silver version – $500

    CAD rendering for white and rose 14K gold band. Lions and boar heads with celtic knots.

    2016 - 05.30

    CAD rendering.

    14K white and rose gold band.

    Celtic knots, lion and boar heads.

    Few new ideas. CAD rendering. 3D Models. Wedding band.

    2016 - 05.13

    Computer rendering for 3D model of the new wedding bands designs.

    Could be done in silver, gold and platinum.

    Hand engraving inside.

    Grapes and leaves 14k yellow gold ring. CAD/CAM. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.20

    Custom 14K gold wedding band.

    Iris silver bands with green enamel. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.12

    CAD CAM 14K white gold ring engraved by hand.

    2016 - 03.07

    CAD rendering wax model 14K white gold ring hand engraved

    ” The Kiss “. 18K yellow gold band with black enamel.

    2016 - 01.24

    Sterling silver band. Virtutem forma decorat.

    2016 - 01.23

    Virtutem forma decorat

    CAD rendering. 14K white gold ring.

    2015 - 09.07

    CAD rendering white gold roses leaves ring

    14K yellow gold signet ring.

    2015 - 09.05

    design idea CAD rendering 14K gold signet ring1 – The idea for a design.

    2 – CAD rendering.

    3 – 14K yellow gold signet ring.


    Coat of arm. 14K yellow gold signet rings.

    2015 - 08.26

    Coat of arm signet ring. 14K yellow gold. CAD model rendering

    Black silver ring.

    2015 - 08.24

    CAD rendering silver star trek ring

    Hand engraved block monogram on 14K gold signet ring

    2015 - 08.02

    hand engraved block monogram signet gold ring

    Hand engraved monogram on silver signet ring

    2015 - 07.11

    silver signet ring hand engraved monogram

    Colorado mountains silver band. CAD rendering.

    2015 - 07.07

    CAD rendering silver colorado mountains rings$500

    Hand Engraved 18K wedding band

    2015 - 06.18

    14K yellow gold ring with two snakes and ruby. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 03.17

    14K white gold “Gemini” signet ring.

    2015 - 03.16

    14K white gold "Gemini" signet ring.

    14K white gold engagement ring. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 02.24

    Custom designed 14K white gold ring with 5 mm princess cut diamond.

    Wedding bands with human hair

    2015 - 02.12

    14K gold wedding bands black enamel human hair CAD CAM14K yellow gold wedding bands with human hair.


    Made in USA

    Face silver ring. CAD model.

    2014 - 11.20

    Photo – CAD Model – Silver Ring.


    10 Shields signet ring. New project.

    2014 - 10.24

    ten shields signet ring cad cam custom jewelry 3d ring white goldIn progress…

    14K white gold ring. Birthday stones. CAD/CAM model

    2014 - 10.11

    CAD CAM Birthday stones ring White gold

    Old model. New project. CAD/CAM silver snake ring.

    2014 - 10.09

    “Snake” ring silver version.CAD CAM silver snake ring

    14K white gold signet ring. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 08.31

    white gold signet ring CAD CAM

    18K yellow gold ring

    2014 - 08.25

    cad cam 18k yellow gold ring

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring.Black and blue enamel. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 08.25

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring Black and blue enamel CAD CAM Custom made 18K yellow gold ring.

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved monogram on 14K signet ring

    2014 - 07.01

    Hand engraved monogram on gold ring.

    Family crest silver signet ring. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 06.12

    family crest silver ring cad cam Silver ring $600

    Hand engraved Tiffany silver dog tag

    2014 - 06.11

    hand engraved tiffany silver dog tag Hand engraving on silver $150

    Silver signet ring with your monogram

    2014 - 06.10

    silver lady ring cad cam CAD/CAM silver ring. Top is ready for your monogram.

    Silver version is $500

    Old design, new 14K white gold ring

    2014 - 05.27

    14K white gold band. $1350.00two snakes white gold band CAD CAM

    Horse silver signet ring, CAD CAM

    2014 - 05.27

    horse signet ring monogram silver CAD camThe monogram is changeable.  One or two initials. Silver version is $400

    Hand engraved platinum ring

    2014 - 05.26

    $250 for engraving only.platinum engraving diamond ring2

    Signet silver ring. Red and pearl white enamels. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 05.22

    Silver signet ring $600silver ring red white enamels cad cam

    Hand engraved white gold ring with diamonds

    2014 - 05.21

    $350 for engraving only.hand engraved white gold diamond ring

    Mickey Mouse claddah silver ring

    2014 - 05.13

    Mickey Mouse claddagh silver ring.  $400

    Sterling silver signet rings with enamel.

    2014 - 04.24

    Silver signet rings with two elephant and red enamel.

    Signet silver ring With enamel. Family crest. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 04.24

    Sterling silver ring.

    Wedding 14K white gold set. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 03.17

    CAD/CAM design and hand engraving for platinum ring with big diamond.

    2014 - 02.07

    CAD design and hand engraving done for friend of mine http://rikajewelrydesign.com/

    Family crest engraved by hand on 14K gold signet ring

    2014 - 02.07

    Family crest hand engraved on gold signet ring14K yellow gold signet ring.

    Family crest engraved by hand

    $500 for engraving only.

    14K white gold ring with 3 emeralds. CAD rendering.

    2014 - 01.30

    14K white gold ring with emeralds and black enamel. Hand engraving inside. CAD CAM 3D model.

    $1500.00 plus stones

    “Wolf” signet ring, KW monogram. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 01.03

    Silver signet ring with blue enamel on the monogram.


    Claddah beer ring, CAD/CAM

    2013 - 12.27

    Beer silver ring. Claddah style.


    Made in USA

    CAD/CAM. 14K white gold claddah band.Two diamonds

    2013 - 12.01

    claddah white gold band two diamonds CAD CAM renderingCAD/CAM rendering.

    14K white gold claddah band.

    Two diamonds.


    CAD/CAM 3D. Silver signet ring. Celtic Runic Nordic motives

    2013 - 11.07

    Sterling silver version is $600.

    Hand engraved mountains on platinum ring

    2013 - 10.21

    mountains ring hand engraved platinumColorado mountains hand engraved on platinum ring.

    18K yellow gold ring with black enamel. CAD/CAM rendering

    2013 - 08.17

    cad model 18k goldCAD model.

    18K yellow gold band finger size 5.5


    CAD/CAM 14K gold wedding band

    2013 - 05.23

    Hand engraved family crest on 14K gold signet ring

    2013 - 05.22

    Customer brought this 14K yellow gold signet and coat of arms. Asked me to engrave it by hand.

    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    2013 - 05.12

    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    ”Otters” 14K white gold band. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 05.10

    14K white gold band with ”otters” design and 3mm sapphire.  CAD/CAM


    Made in USA

    Finger print 14k white gold ring

    2013 - 03.13

    Silver band. Hand engraved finger print and date inside.

    Scorpion signet ring. CAD 3D rendering

    2013 - 03.08

    scull signet ringSignet ring with scorpion and skulls. CAD/CAM. Rendering.

    Made in USA

    Baroque style wedding band

    2013 - 03.05

    Two almost the same CAD versions.

    White gold 14K, four diamonds.

    Could be done in gold, platinum or silver with any diamonds or gems.

    Monogram on rose gold ring. Engraved by hand.

    2013 - 01.10

    Hand engraved monogram on rose gold ring

    Rose gold antique ring with twelve diamonds. I just engraved this “cMrc” monogram by hand.


    Made in the USA

    Hand engraved signet ring

    2013 - 01.09

    hand engraved signet ring lion

    Finnish lion hand engraved on signet ring $350

    Made in USA

    Heart shape engagement ring

    2012 - 12.01

    Just an idea for engagement ring.

    Hand engraved monogram on white gold ring

    2012 - 11.29

    This is “mMe” monogram engraved by hand on white gold ring.


    Made in USA

    18K yellow gold ring with diamonds and black enamel

    2012 - 11.20

    CAD version for 18K yellow gold engagement ring with diamonds.

    Made in USA

    Gold signet ring

    2012 - 11.17

    mike gerb ring


    Hand engraved family crest on 14K yellow signet ring.

    Made in USA

    Ring for Cindy

    2012 - 11.08

      CAD version for gold or platinum ring with different gems or diamonds.

    Gem and enamel engagement ring

    2012 - 11.01

    Gem and enamel engagement ring CAD

    Could be done with any gems or diamonds and different colors of enamel.

    Engagement ring for Amanda

    2012 - 10.17

    14K white gold engagement ring with 6x8mm diamond on the top and two 3mm diamonds on the sides.

    “Mo Chroi”

    Signet ring with two emeralds

    2012 - 10.05

    Silver signet ring with two emeralds.


    “Nest” ring with gems and enamel

    2012 - 10.04

    Pet’s bas-relief charm in silver

    2012 - 08.13


    Pet bas-relief in silver for my friend’s wife.


    Made in USA

    Trident Pendant

    2012 - 08.10

    Silver ring with blue sapphire and enamel

    2012 - 08.08

    Hand engraving an outside of the white gold band in Arabic language

    2012 - 08.08

    ring engraving arabic

    Leaves and twigs ring

    2012 - 08.03

    Leaves and twigs design. It could be done in any precius metals, with diamond or gems.

    Made in USA

    Coat of Arms silver band

    2012 - 07.26


    Eternity wedding band

    2012 - 05.18

    My new idea about ” eternity” rings with names and words. Could be with enamel and diamonds.

     I will finish this project in the couple of weeks……

    Made in USA

    14K white gold “Phoenix” signet ring

    2012 - 05.17

    Here is a one of a kind ring that I designed with my friend and neighbor.  We worked together through multiple iteration and multiple ideas to design and create this initialed ring with a phoenix around the band.  The assymetry of the ring adds to its eye catching design.  People often stop the wearer to inquire about the origin of the jewelry.


    Made in USA

    Seven skulls silver band

    2012 - 05.15

    This silver band has seven skulls on each side. It’s done with a special technique which causes a lot of cracks and rough surfaces. This gives the spooky looks and kind of gloomy characteristics.

    Made in USA

    Silver “Sirin” ring

    2012 - 04.28

    Silver “Sirin” ring, finger size 5.

    Made in USA

    Finger print handengraved inside of the ring

    2012 - 04.25


    Silver band with hand engraved finger print.

    Made in USA

    Silver skulls band

    2012 - 02.21

    Silver band with skulls for my customer.


    Made in USA.

    Finger print white gold band

    2012 - 02.12

    This is 14K white gold band for Ryan with his wife’s finger print  image on it.


    Made in USA

    Biker’s ring

    2012 - 02.11

    Rings for bikers CAD

    “Four Seasons” rings

    2012 - 01.20

    Silver “rhino” signet ring

    2012 - 01.18

    Silver “rhino” signet ring.

    $ 500.00

    Made in USA

    Red veterinary cross, silver pendant

    2011 - 12.15

    Silver pendant with red enamel.


    Made in USA

    Snakes, more snakes…..

    2011 - 10.23

    Silver band with two snakes was done before. In this time I made their scales more visible and intensive.

    Made in USA

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns

    2011 - 10.13

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns. Hand engraved words inside.

    $ 3.200

    Made in USA

    Engagement ring with diamond and aquamarines

    2011 - 09.21

    14K white gold engagement ring with princess cut diamond 4mm х 4mm and two aquamarines.


    Made in USA

    Anglo Saxon motif 18K gold band

    2011 - 09.19

    This is 18K yellow gold band with anglo-saxom pattern all way around.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver bands with two human bodies

    2011 - 09.03

    Two silver bands fabricated and engraved by hand.  Black and white picture is customer sketch.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraving on baby cup

    2011 - 08.14


    Hand engraved name on baby cup.


    Made in USA

    Two female’s bodies ring

    2011 - 08.13

    This ring was done 3 years ago by customer sketch of two female’s bodies. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the real 14K white gold ring.

    Made in the USA

    Signet ring with royal blue enamel on the top

    2011 - 07.21

    Sterling silver signet ring with star of David and two elephants. Royal blue enamel on the top.


    Made in USA

    14K white gold “octopus tentacle” band

    2011 - 07.07

    14K white gold “octopus tentacle” band.


    Made in USA

    ETSY Mini

    2011 - 07.06

    Gustav Klimt “The Kiss” rings

    2011 - 06.14

    This ring takes Inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s 1907 painting The Kiss. Several elements from the painting have been incorporated into this unique custom design. The ring featured in these pictures was produced in silver, with a royal blue enamel.
    This ring will be created in your choice of precious metal and enamel. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, as this piece is made to order. Only a limited quantity will be made.
    Production is available in sterling silver $450.00.
    14K, 18K gold and platinum will be priced by finger size.

    Made in the USA

    “Green” ring in sterling silver

    2011 - 06.02

    Silver band with floral motive.

    Made in USA

    Spiral sterling ring with blue enamel

    2011 - 05.29

    Sterling silver ring with royal blue enamel. Could be manufactured in gold also.

    Made in the USA

    Grapes ring

    2011 - 05.23

    Slightly different design of my old “vine leaves band”. I just added grapes on it.

    Made in USA

    Dark blue enamel band in 18K gold

    2011 - 04.29


    This is dark blue enamel band was done for my customer from Arizona.


    Made in USA

    Vine leaves 18K gold ring

    2011 - 03.25

    These two rings are done in 18K gold for friend of mine. It is his idea of the design, I’m just doing CAD/CAM and hand engraving for inside.

    Made in USA

    Koi diamond ring

    2011 - 03.23

    Kio ring was done for my friends. His fiancé and him are big time koi lovers. They gave me a koi picture and asked to create the full ring of that.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the original ring. He was so happy and ready for the honeymoon so we forgot to take it.

    Made in USA

    Double enamel ring

    2011 - 03.22

    green-black silver band

    Green and black enamel combination on silver looks very cool. This is one of my previous designs and I think it needs to be re-done with a modern touch. 

    3D CAD/CAM, CNC, Prototyping

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver ring

    2011 - 03.22

    I sold this ring earlier this week on ETSY. People still like the old style of hand engraving.

    Made in USA


    Luke signet ring

    2011 - 03.21

    This gentleman brought me the pocket watch to hand engrave his initial “L” on the top. After a while, he asked me to create a seal ring with the same letter in reverse position. We’ve been working on CAD design together. The final object is really rich and looks impressive. I used my CNC machine to cut it in green wax. He decided to cast it in sterling silver.

    Made in the USA

    White gold diamond ring

    2011 - 03.19


    Small example of quick and high quality piece of jewelry. Customer wanted a very simple white gold diamond ring with hand engraved script inside. The whole process took less than 2 weeks.

    1- Customer sketch

    2- 3D CAD file

    3- Casting and setting

    4- Hand engraving

    Made in USA

    Elizabeth Ring

    2010 - 12.17

       This ring was done by pure and original idea of Elizabeth. She wanted some industrial and not too busy design for this ring with 4 stones from antique jewelry. Modern motives with old good gems. We have been working together for a quite a while and finally created this 3D object. Later on my CNC machine cut the wax for sterling casting. Then the stone setting and afterwards the finishing.Elizabeth told me that is exactly what she wanted.


    Made in USA

    Customized heraldic or family crest rings. CAD

    2010 - 08.10

    Rings with a family coat of arms inscribed have been a staple of jewelry design since antiquity. I have updated the concept while remaining faithful to this ancient craft. These pictures are samples of rendering CAD files. There are a couple of distinct features to this design. Notice that the shield, mantling and helmet are upraised rather than indented. The signet at the top is changeable. Many of my customers choose their family crest, a personalized emblem, a monogram (Maximum of two initials) or perhaps a family cross.  All rings are cast in the precious metal of your choice. Because of current demand please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

    Made in the USA

    Old ”Lemoz” rings

    2010 - 08.06

    I have a few rings in my studio that was done many years ago. We made an example of each design to show customers (prehistoric time, before CAD/CAM). All of them have a small bridge on the bottom but otherwise, they are wonderful rings that I can now offer for sale….now that I have my own blog. All of these are sold only at the listed size. If you like the ring but would like to change finger size, metal or color I can make you a new one. It will take 3-4 weeks and a re-quoted price after CAD file is done.


    Made in the USA

    Snake ring

    2010 - 07.20

    This is a classic idea of a snake ring with a modern touch. A lot of the scales, the snake head, and other snake features look very realistic.
    It is possible to set two tiny stones into the snake eyes. Plenty of room inside for engraving.
    The band with two snakes was done by me a couple of years ago for a “snake collection” a customer wanted to create.
    I have more CAD jewelry with the same motive, but they are not ready for being on the website. If you would like to create something brand new from your own idea I can also do that.

    Made in USA

    Armor ring

    2010 - 06.16

    This ring was done for my customer a few months ago. I decided to put it over here because that is really unusual 14 karat gold ring. I’m not sure I want to duplicate this ring exsactlly, but we can make similar to this, the same idea.
    It is hrd to engrave somting inside, but it it posible to make the design included some words. Thanks!

    Made in USA

    Signet wavy ring. CAD

    2010 - 05.18

    This ring was originally an idea that a friend of mine had and we decided to work on this together to create this Roman Style ring.
    This is NOT a real ring just yet, it is a rendering of a 3-dimensional file that I use to then create a wax and then a final metal casting.
    To make this ring “alive” would need approximately 3 weeks. The empty top is for the monogram [ 1 or 2 letters]. On the inside of the ring there is also enough space to further engrave something else.
    In silver it would be $500; For gold or platinum I would need to know your finger size first and then I will be able to figure out a total charge.

    Made in the USA

    Ten shields signet ring. CAD

    2010 - 05.15

    This ring was done by me before but in an “old school” style. Now is the time to convert the last century idea to current day looks and styles. When I started this project I attempted to do so freehand with no sketches and just a simple idea in my head. I was pleased with the outcome and result. To create my idea I designed it through a CAD/CAM program.
    The ring is in the CAD condition for show and can be done from CAD file to final product in 3 weeks. The choice of enamel is entirely dependent on the customer. If they choose to do it with or without enamel it is entirely their choice. The top letter is changeable with one or two letters maximum in a 3-dimensional monogram. Afterwards, I can also engrave the top of the ring very lightly if the customer prefers it.

    Price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size, enamel, etc.

    Made in the USA