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    14K yellow gold wedding bands with dark blue enamel

    2018 - 06.24

    Custom made wedding bands. 14K yellow gold and blue enamel.


    14K gold family crest.

    2018 - 05.26

    gold family crest custom madeThe second gold charm for Zampano family.


    “Hamsa Hand” 14K white gold charm.

    2018 - 03.07

    Not for sale.

    CAD 3D model for a “Golden Girl” 18K gold ring

    2017 - 12.05

    New project …

    Rough 3D sketch for new project…

    2017 - 11.24

    Colt 45 CAD 3D model projectColt 45 CAD 3D model project.

    “Star Wars” silver ring

    2017 - 11.14

    18K gold cigar band

    2017 - 10.30

    18K cigar band enamel

    Enameled 18K gold bands

    2017 - 10.30

    18K gold bands enamelMy old designs from 2002

    CAD rendering for white gold ring

    2017 - 10.20

    CAD rendering 3d model for white gold ringNew project.

    CAD model for 18K gold wedding band in baroque style.

    “Skull” silver signet ring. Motorcycle club logo.

    2017 - 09.02

    Silver version – $1000

    “Mountains” engagement ring. 14K rose gold and peach sapphire.

    2017 - 08.09

    CAD model and engagement ring, 14K rose gold with “peach” sapphire. The Chugach Mountains in Alaska and Mt. Sneffels.in Colorado. Aspen leaves.

    CAD model for the wedding band. White and yellow gold combination.

    2017 - 07.23

    14K yellow gold and silver – $1000

    14K white and yellow gold – $2000

    Western-style wedding band.

    2017 - 05.30

    CAD 3D model 14K gold wedding band western-styleCAD 3D model 14K gold wedding band Western-style


    CAD model for “mountain lion” ring.

    2017 - 04.03

    14K yellow gold “beetle” necklace

    2017 - 03.25

    CAD 3D model 14K golden scarabeo beetle charm chainI made this special order necklace in 14K gold with ruby.


    14K white gold signet ring. Monogram KS. CAD/CAM model.

    2017 - 03.22

    14K gold $1400

    Signet ring. CAD model.

    2017 - 02.14

    Gold “birds” with enamel

    2016 - 12.23

    CAD 3D model white yellow gold birds green blue purple enamel custom jewelryCAD 3D model.

    White and yellow 14K gold.

    Green, blue and purple enamel.

    All three birds without te chain – $1000

    “Breckenridge” ring

    2016 - 11.08

    CAD model and silver band. Breckenridge Colorado mountains.

    Silver version – $500

    “Denver ring

    2016 - 11.06

    Silver version – $500

    CAD rendering. Platinum band with two snakes.

    2016 - 09.15

    Platinum version – $2200

    Six snakes ring.

    2016 - 09.10

    CAD rendering for “snakes” ring.

    Gold and silver ring.

    Pearl necklace

    2016 - 08.18

    cad model gold charm diamond emerald sapphire

    CAD rendering for engagement ring with customer handwriting.

    2016 - 07.15

    CAD rendering for engagement ring with customer handwriting

    This is just  for example. Different variations are available on your request.

    I can just create new ring based on your idea.
    To make this ring I need to know your finger size, preferable metal and stone.
    Also send me your phrase you would like to use.
    Sterling silver-$500 plus stone.
    Gold and platinum price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size.
    The final product will take 4-6 weeks to complete.
    Thank you.

    This is just  for example. Different variations are available on your request.I can just create new ring based on your idea.To make this ring I need to know your finger size, preferable metal and stone.Also send me your phrase you would like to use.Sterling silver-$500 plus stone.Gold and platinum price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size. The final product will take 4-6 weeks to complete.Thank you.

    Silver band. Floral design.

    2016 - 07.14

    Old grapevine design. New silver band.

    2016 - 06.01

    Grapevine design. CAD rendering for silver band.

    Silver version – $500

    CAD rendering for white and rose 14K gold band. Lions and boar heads with celtic knots.

    2016 - 05.30

    CAD rendering.

    14K white and rose gold band.

    Celtic knots, lion and boar heads.

    CAD/CAM. 14K gold earrings with pearls and diamonds.

    2016 - 04.11

    Custom made gold earrings with pearls and diamonds. CAD rendering.

    Grapes and leaves 14k yellow gold ring. CAD/CAM. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.20

    Custom 14K gold wedding band.

    Iris silver bands with green enamel. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.12

    CAD CAM 14K white gold ring engraved by hand.

    2016 - 03.07

    CAD rendering wax model 14K white gold ring hand engraved

    White gold betta fish charm with diamonds and green enamel. CAD/CAM

    2016 - 02.10

    ” The Kiss “. 18K yellow gold band with black enamel.

    2016 - 01.24

    Sterling silver band. Virtutem forma decorat.

    2016 - 01.23

    Virtutem forma decorat

    14K white gold charm with opal and enamel

    2015 - 12.18

    CAD rendering white gold charm enameled opal

    CAD model. 14K gold charm with wings

    2015 - 10.24

    CAD rendering. 18K gold bracelet. Diamonds and rubies.

    2015 - 09.14

    CAD rendering. 14K white gold ring.

    2015 - 09.07

    CAD rendering white gold roses leaves ring

    14K yellow gold signet ring.

    2015 - 09.05

    design idea CAD rendering 14K gold signet ring1 – The idea for a design.

    2 – CAD rendering.

    3 – 14K yellow gold signet ring.


    Coat of arm. 14K yellow gold signet rings.

    2015 - 08.26

    Coat of arm signet ring. 14K yellow gold. CAD model rendering

    Black silver ring.

    2015 - 08.24

    CAD rendering silver star trek ring

    Colorado mountains silver band. CAD rendering.

    2015 - 07.07

    CAD rendering silver colorado mountains rings$500

    Photo image. 3D model CAD rendering. Silver charm.

    2015 - 06.20

    CAD rendering for silver necklace custom

    14K yellow gold ring with two snakes and ruby. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 03.17

    14K white gold “Gemini” signet ring.

    2015 - 03.16

    14K white gold "Gemini" signet ring.

    CAD CAM silver pin of Jay bird

    2015 - 03.12

    jay bird silver pin cad cam 3d model rendering custom order
    Jay bird silver pin done by the photo. CAD CAM. Rendering.

    14K white gold engagement ring. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 02.24

    Custom designed 14K white gold ring with 5 mm princess cut diamond.

    Wedding bands with human hair

    2015 - 02.12

    14K gold wedding bands black enamel human hair CAD CAM14K yellow gold wedding bands with human hair.


    Made in USA

    Face silver ring. CAD model.

    2014 - 11.20

    Photo – CAD Model – Silver Ring.


    10 Shields signet ring. New project.

    2014 - 10.24

    ten shields signet ring cad cam custom jewelry 3d ring white goldIn progress…

    14K white gold ring. Birthday stones. CAD/CAM model

    2014 - 10.11

    CAD CAM Birthday stones ring White gold

    Old model. New project. CAD/CAM silver snake ring.

    2014 - 10.09

    “Snake” ring silver version.CAD CAM silver snake ring

    Silver charm. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 10.04

    CAD model silver charm ukraine logo

    14K white gold signet ring. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 08.31

    white gold signet ring CAD CAM

    18K yellow gold ring

    2014 - 08.25

    cad cam 18k yellow gold ring

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring.Black and blue enamel. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 08.25

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring Black and blue enamel CAD CAM Custom made 18K yellow gold ring.

    Made in USA

    Family crest silver signet ring. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 06.12

    family crest silver ring cad cam Silver ring $600

    Silver signet ring with your monogram

    2014 - 06.10

    silver lady ring cad cam CAD/CAM silver ring. Top is ready for your monogram.

    Silver version is $500

    Old design, new 14K white gold ring

    2014 - 05.27

    14K white gold band. $1350.00two snakes white gold band CAD CAM

    Signet silver ring. Red and pearl white enamels. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 05.22

    Silver signet ring $600silver ring red white enamels cad cam

    Mickey Mouse claddah silver ring

    2014 - 05.13

    Mickey Mouse claddagh silver ring.  $400

    Sterling silver signet rings with enamel.

    2014 - 04.24

    Silver signet rings with two elephant and red enamel.

    Signet silver ring With enamel. Family crest. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 04.24

    Sterling silver ring.

    Wedding 14K white gold set. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 03.17

    CAD/CAM design and hand engraving for platinum ring with big diamond.

    2014 - 02.07

    CAD design and hand engraving done for friend of mine http://rikajewelrydesign.com/

    14K white gold ring with 3 emeralds. CAD rendering.

    2014 - 01.30

    14K white gold ring with emeralds and black enamel. Hand engraving inside. CAD CAM 3D model.

    $1500.00 plus stones

    “Wolf” signet ring, KW monogram. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 01.03

    Silver signet ring with blue enamel on the monogram.


    Claddah beer ring, CAD/CAM

    2013 - 12.27

    Beer silver ring. Claddah style.


    Made in USA

    Rose and oak leaves 14K white and yellow gold pendant

    2013 - 12.21

    14K white and yellow gold charm with 18″ white gold chain.

    cad cam 3d rendering 14r white yellow gold pendant charm

    CAD/CAM. 14K white gold claddah band.Two diamonds

    2013 - 12.01

    claddah white gold band two diamonds CAD CAM renderingCAD/CAM rendering.

    14K white gold claddah band.

    Two diamonds.


    CAD/CAM 3D. Silver signet ring. Celtic Runic Nordic motives

    2013 - 11.07

    Sterling silver version is $600.

    CAD/CAM 3D pendant. Silver charm done by the photo

    2013 - 09.14

    silver baby portrait cad camPortrait of Zoey. Silver charm bas-relief. CAD/CAM


    CAD version of 18K cuff-links with royal blue enamel and sapphires.Sterling silver cufflinks

    2013 - 08.19

    Original idea was to make these cuff-links in 18K gold.

    Customer has change his mind and we cast ot in sterling silver.

    Without  sapphires and enamel.


    18K yellow gold ring with black enamel. CAD/CAM rendering

    2013 - 08.17

    cad model 18k goldCAD model.

    18K yellow gold band finger size 5.5


    Family crest charm. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 07.11

    family crest charm cad cam in progress

    Silver portrait of Alec Cady. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 07.01

    cad cam 3D silver portraitSilver charm done by the photo picture.



    Made in USA

    Silver buttons

    2013 - 06.24

    Custom made silver buttons for wedding ceremony suite.

    Made in USA

    CAD/CAM 14K gold wedding band

    2013 - 05.23

    ”Otters” 14K white gold band. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 05.10

    14K white gold band with ”otters” design and 3mm sapphire.  CAD/CAM


    Made in USA

    Finger print 14k white gold ring

    2013 - 03.13

    Silver band. Hand engraved finger print and date inside.

    Scorpion signet ring. CAD 3D rendering

    2013 - 03.08

    scull signet ringSignet ring with scorpion and skulls. CAD/CAM. Rendering.

    Made in USA

    Baroque style wedding band

    2013 - 03.05

    Two almost the same CAD versions.

    White gold 14K, four diamonds.

    Could be done in gold, platinum or silver with any diamonds or gems.

    Silver cross with enamel

    2013 - 01.23

    Silver cross for Gedda enamelSilver cross with enamel.

    Made in the USA

    Steve’s dog silver charm

    2012 - 12.11

    dog head charm silverSilver charm done by the photo of the dog.


    Made in USA

    Heart shape engagement ring

    2012 - 12.01

    Just an idea for engagement ring.

    18K yellow gold ring with diamonds and black enamel

    2012 - 11.20

    CAD version for 18K yellow gold engagement ring with diamonds.

    Made in USA

    Silver skulls band

    2012 - 02.21

    Silver band with skulls for my customer.


    Made in USA.