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    Gold charm

    2018 - 09.14

    14K yellow gold “ladybug” with red enamel

    2018 - 08.07

    14K gold family crest.

    2018 - 05.26

    The second gold charm for Zampano family.

    14K yellow gold


    14K yellow gold “beetle” necklace

    2017 - 03.25

    CAD 3D model 14K golden scarabeo beetle charm chainI made this special order necklace in 14K gold with ruby.


    Gold “birds” with enamel

    2016 - 12.23

    CAD 3D model white yellow gold birds green blue purple enamel custom jewelryCAD 3D model.

    White and yellow 14K gold.

    Green, blue and purple enamel.

    All three birds without te chain – $1000

    Pearl necklace

    2016 - 08.18

    cad model gold charm diamond emerald sapphire

    Hand engraved monogram on gold medallion.

    2016 - 07.14

    Hand engraving $250.monogram hand engraved gold medallion

    White gold betta fish charm with diamonds and green enamel. CAD/CAM

    2016 - 02.10

    14K white gold charm with opal and enamel

    2015 - 12.18

    CAD rendering white gold charm enameled opal

    CAD model. 14K gold charm with wings

    2015 - 10.24

    Two gold discs. Family crest. Hand engraving.

    2015 - 10.06

    Photo image. 3D model CAD rendering. Silver charm.

    2015 - 06.20

    CAD rendering for silver necklace custom

    Hand engraved 18K gold charm

    2015 - 06.18

    hand engraving gold charm

    Silver charm. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 10.04

    CAD model silver charm ukraine logo

    Rose and oak leaves 14K white and yellow gold pendant

    2013 - 12.21

    14K white and yellow gold charm with 18″ white gold chain.

    cad cam 3d rendering 14r white yellow gold pendant charm

    CAD/CAM 3D pendant. Silver charm done by the photo

    2013 - 09.14

    silver baby portrait cad camPortrait of Zoey. Silver charm bas-relief. CAD/CAM


    Family crest charm. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 07.11

    family crest charm cad cam in progress

    Silver portrait of Alec Cady. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 07.01

    cad cam 3D silver portraitSilver charm done by the photo picture.



    Made in USA

    Silver razor pendant

    2013 - 02.28

    silver razor pendantSilver pendant. Razor shape.

    Hand engraved monogram

    2013 - 02.24
    cMk hand engraved monogramHand engraved “cMk” monogram on 14K locket. I couldn’t polish the surface because this special “blooming gold” finishing. Still looks ok, but I prefer to polish each of my works.

    Silver cross with enamel

    2013 - 01.23

    Silver cross for Gedda enamelSilver cross with enamel.

    Made in the USA

    Steve’s dog silver charm

    2012 - 12.11

    dog head charm silverSilver charm done by the photo of the dog.


    Made in USA

    Leda and the Swan

    2012 - 10.24

    Silver pendant “Leda and the Swan”.

    Made in USA


    Strawberry heart

    2012 - 08.30

    Could be done in gold or silver, red enamel or blue….

    Pet’s bas-relief charm in silver

    2012 - 08.13


    Pet bas-relief in silver for my friend’s wife.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved monogram on silver dog tag

    2012 - 06.07


    Three letters “mMd” monogram on silver dog tag.

    Made in USA

    Sterling Silver Crucifix

    2012 - 05.22

    This silver crucifix is 2″ tall on a leather choker.
    This is one example in sterling silver. If you want I can make it in silver, gold,  platinum , etc.  It would take 3-4 weeks for it.

    $250.00 is for the silver crucifix only.

    720-838-7133 Oleg

    Made in USA

    Sterling silver cross

    2012 - 03.23

    Sterling cross with hand engraving on back.

    Made in USA

    Silver cross with green enamel

    2012 - 02.18

    Silver cross with green enamel.


    Made in USA

    Sterling silver cross with four cherubs

    2012 - 02.12

    Just finish this project today for my customer in California. It was his idea to create cross with four cherubs.

    Made in USA.


    Silver and gold badge with red enamel

    2012 - 01.26

    gold silver red enamel badgeSilver and gold badge with red enamel.


    Made in USA

    18K gold Tiffany charm and bracelet

    2011 - 10.19


    Hand engraved “S” on two Tiffany’s 18K gold hearts.

    $ 120.00

    Overseas idea

    2011 - 03.21

    This charm was originally a sketch of my friend from overseas. We tried to create this project together and it worked out very well. I received his drawing by e-mail and then created a 3 dimensional object using a CAD/CAM program. After casting in sterling silver and polishing, the charm ended up looking like this. Green enamel and  artificial gemstone on the bottom.

    Family Crest Charm

    2010 - 12.15

    Family crest charm done by this picture .14K gold


    Made in USA