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    Hand engraved monogram on 14K gold cufflinks.

    2016 - 01.27

    hand engraver hand engraved monogram 14K gold cufflinksHand engraving – $220

    Silver cufflinks. Hand engraved monograms

    2014 - 05.20

    Silver cufflinks hand engraving monogram

    Sterling silver cufflinks with hand engraved monograms

    CAD version of 18K cuff-links with royal blue enamel and sapphires.Sterling silver cufflinks

    2013 - 08.19

    Original idea was to make these cuff-links in 18K gold.

    Customer has change his mind and we cast ot in sterling silver.

    Without  sapphires and enamel.


    Hand engraved aluminum tray

    2013 - 07.07

    hand engreved aluminum tray