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    Hand engraved aluminum.

    2018 - 06.12

    hand engraving aluminum motorcycle partThe first step to engrave motorcycles.

    Just aluminum part.

    14K gold family crest.

    2018 - 05.26

    gold family crest custom madeThe second gold charm for Zampano family.


    Very small 14K gold charm

    2018 - 05.20

    custom made very small 14k gold charm hand engraving 14K rose gold 22 x 4 mm – $375

    Silver bowl and tray. Hand engraved monograms.

    2018 - 04.25

    80mm monogram on silver “Tiffany” tray – $450

    Silver and gold signet ring. Hand engraved family crest.

    2018 - 04.12

    Gold and silver signet ring Hand engraved family crestHand engraving – $375

    Hand engraved monogram

    2018 - 04.09

    Hand engraved monogram – RL

    Hand engraving on signet ring

    2018 - 03.26

    10K gold signet ring hand engraving monogramEnglish made 10K gold signet ring. Hand engraved monogram KCA – $200

    Old school engraving restoration

    2018 - 03.20

    signet ring hand engraving monogram restoration
    Signet ring circa 1880. The monogram was almost gone. Just re-engraved it.

    Restoration $120

    Hand engraving on gold locket.

    2018 - 03.17

    Hand engraving on gold locketHand engraving $300

    18K gold money clip. Hand engraving.

    2018 - 01.30

    Hand engraving – $1200

    Silver bracelet. Hand engraving.

    2018 - 01.12

    silver bracelet hand engravingSterling silver bracelet $ 400

    14K gold signet ring. Hand engraved monogram.

    2017 - 12.23

    Engraving – $20014K gold signet ring. Hand engraved monogram.

    Hand engraving. Tiffany’s bracelet.

    2017 - 11.21

    hand engraving tiffany braceletTiffany sterling silver bracelet.

    Hand engraving $100

    Platinum engagement ring engraved by hand

    2017 - 11.13

    Hand engraving – $400

    Tiffany’s silver signet ring. Hand engraved monogram NVHP

    2017 - 10.28

    hand engraving signet ring tiffany monogramHand engraving – $150

    Had engraved monogram NHP

    2017 - 10.27

    hand engraved monogram

    Hand engraved monogram. 14K gold.

    2017 - 10.11

    Engraving $350hand engraving 14K gold monogram

    Hand engraving. White gold bands.

    2017 - 10.01

    Two white gold bands engraved by hand.

    $300 engraving

    Hand engraved monogram. Tiffany silver dog tag.

    2017 - 09.14

    Hand engraved monogram. Tiffany silver dog tag

    Hand engraved Marine Corps name tag. Sterling silver.

    2017 - 09.07

    marine corps name tag hand engravingHand engraving – $250

    Gold signet ring. Hand engraved initial.

    2017 - 08.16

    Gold signet ring. Hand engraved initial.Hand engraving – $100

    Hand engraved block monogram on silver cufflinks

    2017 - 08.15

    hand engraving monogram cufflinks Hand engraving -$220

    “Mountains” engagement ring. 14K rose gold and peach sapphire.

    2017 - 08.09

    CAD model and engagement ring, 14K rose gold with “peach” sapphire. The Chugach Mountains in Alaska and Mt. Sneffels.in Colorado. Aspen leaves.

    Hand engraved monogram. Old english style.

    2017 - 08.02

    hand engraving silver charm old english monogram $150 for engraving

    Hand engraved owl on silver signet ring

    2017 - 07.31

    $200 for engravinghand engraving signet ring owl

    Hand Engraving. Two initials.

    2017 - 06.14

    Hand engraved knife initials

    14K yellow gold “beetle” necklace

    2017 - 03.25

    CAD 3D model 14K golden scarabeo beetle charm chainI made this special order necklace in 14K gold with ruby.


    14K white gold signet ring. Monogram KS. CAD/CAM model.

    2017 - 03.22

    14K gold $1400

    Hand engraved names on pocket watch.

    2017 - 02.10

    Hand engraving only – $250

    Golden signet ring. Hand engraving. Family crest.

    2017 - 01.06

    Hand engraving only – $400Family crest Coat of Arm handengraving signet ring

    18K gold locket. Hand engraving.

    2016 - 12.22

    hand engraving 18K gold locketHand engraving, 18K gold locket.

    Hand engraving only – $300

    Hand engraved pewter trays.

    2016 - 10.23

    CAD rendering. Platinum band with two snakes.

    2016 - 09.15

    Platinum version – $2200

    Hand engraved monograms on two gold lockets

    2016 - 08.31

    Hand engraving $500 for both.Hand engraved monograms on two gold lockets.

    Hand engraved monogram on gold medallion.

    2016 - 07.14

    Hand engraving $250.monogram hand engraved gold medallion

    Hand engraved double monogram on 14K signet ring.

    2016 - 06.16

    Hand engraving $250.gold signet ring hand engraved double monogram sketch

    Grapes and leaves 14k yellow gold ring. CAD/CAM. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.20

    Custom 14K gold wedding band.

    Iris silver bands with green enamel. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.12

    CAD CAM 14K white gold ring engraved by hand.

    2016 - 03.07

    CAD rendering wax model 14K white gold ring hand engraved

    Hand engraved monogram on 14K gold cufflinks.

    2016 - 01.27

    hand engraver hand engraved monogram 14K gold cufflinksHand engraving – $220

    Two gold discs. Family crest. Hand engraving.

    2015 - 10.06

    CAD rendering. 18K gold bracelet. Diamonds and rubies.

    2015 - 09.14

    CAD rendering. 14K white gold ring.

    2015 - 09.07

    CAD rendering white gold roses leaves ring

    Hand engraved monogram on silver signet ring

    2015 - 07.11

    silver signet ring hand engraved monogram

    Tiffany silver baby cup engraved by hand

    2015 - 07.05

    Tiffany silver baby cup engraved by hand

    Hand engraved 18K gold charm

    2015 - 06.18

    hand engraving gold charm

    Hand Engraved 18K wedding band

    2015 - 06.18

    14K white gold engagement ring. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 02.24

    Custom designed 14K white gold ring with 5 mm princess cut diamond.

    Wedding bands with human hair

    2015 - 02.12

    14K gold wedding bands black enamel human hair CAD CAM14K yellow gold wedding bands with human hair.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver perfume bottle

    2014 - 12.11

    hand engraved silver perfume bottleHand engraving $250

    Hand engraved ” Patek Philippe” 18K gold watch

    2014 - 09.09

    Hand engraved " Patek Philippe" watch

    Hand engraving on silver napkin rings.

    2014 - 08.14

    hand engraved silver napkin ringsHand engraved sterling silver napkin rings.

    $220 for engraving

    Hand engraved monogram on 14K signet ring

    2014 - 07.01

    Hand engraved monogram on gold ring.

    Hand engraved silver baby cup

    2014 - 06.11

    hand engraved baby cupHand engraving $140

    Hand engraved platinum ring

    2014 - 05.26

    $250 for engraving only.platinum engraving diamond ring2

    Hand engraved white gold ring with diamonds

    2014 - 05.21

    $350 for engraving only.hand engraved white gold diamond ring

    Silver cufflinks. Hand engraved monograms

    2014 - 05.20

    Silver cufflinks hand engraving monogram

    Sterling silver cufflinks with hand engraved monograms

    Sterling silver signet rings with enamel.

    2014 - 04.24

    Silver signet rings with two elephant and red enamel.

    CAD/CAM design and hand engraving for platinum ring with big diamond.

    2014 - 02.07

    CAD design and hand engraving done for friend of mine http://rikajewelrydesign.com/

    Family crest engraved by hand on 14K gold signet ring

    2014 - 02.07

    Family crest hand engraved on gold signet ring14K yellow gold signet ring.

    Family crest engraved by hand

    $500 for engraving only.

    14K white gold ring with 3 emeralds. CAD rendering.

    2014 - 01.30

    14K white gold ring with emeralds and black enamel. Hand engraving inside. CAD CAM 3D model.

    $1500.00 plus stones

    Hand engraved baby cup

    2013 - 12.26

    Silver baby cup engraved by hand.


    Rose and oak leaves 14K white and yellow gold pendant

    2013 - 12.21

    14K white and yellow gold charm with 18″ white gold chain.

    cad cam 3d rendering 14r white yellow gold pendant charm

    CAD/CAM. 14K white gold claddah band.Two diamonds

    2013 - 12.01

    claddah white gold band two diamonds CAD CAM renderingCAD/CAM rendering.

    14K white gold claddah band.

    Two diamonds.


    Hand engraved sterling silver bracelet

    2013 - 12.01

    hand engraved braceletHand engraved silver bracelet.


    Hand engraved mountains on platinum ring

    2013 - 10.21

    mountains ring hand engraved platinumColorado mountains hand engraved on platinum ring.

    Silver portrait of Alec Cady. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 07.01

    cad cam 3D silver portraitSilver charm done by the photo picture.



    Made in USA

    Hand engraved family crest on 14K gold signet ring

    2013 - 05.22

    Customer brought this 14K yellow gold signet and coat of arms. Asked me to engrave it by hand.

    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    2013 - 05.12

    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    ”Otters” 14K white gold band. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 05.10

    14K white gold band with ”otters” design and 3mm sapphire.  CAD/CAM


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved monogram “HAL”. Tiffany bracelet.

    2013 - 05.04

    Hand engraving $170hand engraved monogram tiffany bracelet

    Finger print 14k white gold ring

    2013 - 03.13

    Silver band. Hand engraved finger print and date inside.

    Silver razor pendant

    2013 - 02.28

    silver razor pendantSilver pendant. Razor shape.

    Hand engraved monogram

    2013 - 02.24
    cMk hand engraved monogramHand engraved “cMk” monogram on 14K locket. I couldn’t polish the surface because this special “blooming gold” finishing. Still looks ok, but I prefer to polish each of my works.

    Silver bangle bracelet engraved by hand

    2013 - 02.06

    Hand engraved bangle braceletHand engraving on silver bangle bracelet.

    Made in USA

    Monogram on rose gold ring. Engraved by hand.

    2013 - 01.10

    Hand engraved monogram on rose gold ring

    Rose gold antique ring with twelve diamonds. I just engraved this “cMrc” monogram by hand.


    Made in the USA

    Hand engraved signet ring

    2013 - 01.09

    hand engraved signet ring lion

    Finnish lion hand engraved on signet ring $350

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved monogram on silver case

    2012 - 12.10

    Hand engraved monogram on silver case

    Hand engraved on “Tiffany” silver case.

    Three initials – aHl-monogram.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver plate for Hardy

    2012 - 12.06

    hand engraved silver plate

    Hand engraved monogram on white gold ring

    2012 - 11.29

    This is “mMe” monogram engraved by hand on white gold ring.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved initial “U” on silverware

    2012 - 11.28

    Hand engraved initial on silverware

    Hand engraving on silverware.

    Made in USA

    Gold signet ring

    2012 - 11.17

    mike gerb ring


    Hand engraved family crest on 14K yellow signet ring.

    Made in USA

    Silver ring with blue sapphire and enamel

    2012 - 08.08

    Hand engraving an outside of the white gold band in Arabic language

    2012 - 08.08

    ring engraving arabic

    Coat of Arms silver band

    2012 - 07.26


    Hand engraved monogram on silver dog tag

    2012 - 06.07


    Three letters “mMd” monogram on silver dog tag.

    Made in USA

    Finger print handengraved inside of the ring

    2012 - 04.25


    Silver band with hand engraved finger print.

    Made in USA

    Sterling silver cross

    2012 - 03.23

    Sterling cross with hand engraving on back.

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved monogram on silver money clip

    2011 - 12.03


       Three letters monogram on silver.  Hand engraving.


    18K gold Tiffany charm and bracelet

    2011 - 10.19


    Hand engraved “S” on two Tiffany’s 18K gold hearts.

    $ 120.00

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns

    2011 - 10.13

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns. Hand engraved words inside.

    $ 3.200

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver bands with two human bodies

    2011 - 09.03

    Two silver bands fabricated and engraved by hand.  Black and white picture is customer sketch.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraving on baby cup

    2011 - 08.14


    Hand engraved name on baby cup.


    Made in USA

    Coors beer mug

    2011 - 04.07

    Here is hand engraved silver plate on beer mug for Coors company. This is copy of signature of Bill Coors.


    Rolex watch hand engraved

    2011 - 04.05


    Back of the Rolex watch engraved by hand.


    Old English style monogram

    2011 - 03.30


    Old English style letters and numbers on the pocket watch engraved by hand.


    Hand engraved silver ring

    2011 - 03.22

    I sold this ring earlier this week on ETSY. People still like the old style of hand engraving.

    Made in USA


    New hand engraving on old silver bowl

    2011 - 01.27
    This gentleman called me one month ago about his silver bowl. He wanted to have his grandson’s monogram hand engraved on it for his birthday.
    Made in USA

    Monogram on the Pocket Watch

    2011 - 01.10
      A young lady brought this pocket watch in to have hand engraved with her boyfriend’s initials. We worked on a few ideas and this last one made her very happy. The monogram is JBC.
    Made in USA

    Hand Engraving on Bookmark

    2010 - 12.29

    This English made sterling silver bookmark has been hand engraved with the name of the wife of a friend.


    New Sterling Monograms

    2010 - 11.10

    Just finished a big job. These are a hand engraved monogram on silver mirror and the box. I’m really satisfied with this because I have not engraved jewelry like this for a long time. Recession time keeps good jobs out of the market.