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    Sterling silver bands with blue enamel

    2018 - 08.21

    white gold bands rings blue enamel diamond

    White gold wedding band with blue enamel. Colorado mountains.

    2018 - 08.08

    White gold ring with emerald and blue enamel

    2018 - 08.08

    white gold ring emerald blue enamel

    14K yellow gold wedding bands with dark blue enamel

    2018 - 06.24

    Custom made wedding bands. 14K yellow gold and blue enamel.


    Black enamel on 18K gold

    2017 - 11.21

    18K gold black enamel rings18K gold and black enamel.

    Year 2001

    18K gold cigar band

    2017 - 10.30

    18K cigar band enamel

    Enameled 18K gold bands

    2017 - 10.30

    18K gold bands enamelMy old designs from 2002

    Gold “birds” with enamel

    2016 - 12.23

    CAD 3D model white yellow gold birds green blue purple enamel custom jewelryCAD 3D model.

    White and yellow 14K gold.

    Green, blue and purple enamel.

    All three birds without te chain – $1000

    Iris silver bands with green enamel. Hand engraved inside.

    2016 - 03.12

    ” The Kiss “. 18K yellow gold band with black enamel.

    2016 - 01.24

    14K white gold charm with opal and enamel

    2015 - 12.18

    CAD rendering white gold charm enameled opal

    Wedding bands with human hair

    2015 - 02.12

    14K gold wedding bands black enamel human hair CAD CAM14K yellow gold wedding bands with human hair.


    Made in USA

    Sterling silver “mourning” ring

    2014 - 12.14

    mourning thin ring silver black enamel

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring.Black and blue enamel. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 08.25

    Chrysanthemum 18k yellow gold ring Black and blue enamel CAD CAM Custom made 18K yellow gold ring.

    Made in USA

    Signet silver ring. Red and pearl white enamels. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 05.22

    Silver signet ring $600silver ring red white enamels cad cam

    Sterling silver signet rings with enamel.

    2014 - 04.24

    Silver signet rings with two elephant and red enamel.

    Signet silver ring With enamel. Family crest. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 04.24

    Sterling silver ring.

    14K white gold ring with 3 emeralds. CAD rendering.

    2014 - 01.30

    14K white gold ring with emeralds and black enamel. Hand engraving inside. CAD CAM 3D model.

    $1500.00 plus stones

    “Wolf” signet ring, KW monogram. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 01.03

    Silver signet ring with blue enamel on the monogram.


    CAD version of 18K cuff-links with royal blue enamel and sapphires.Sterling silver cufflinks

    2013 - 08.19

    Original idea was to make these cuff-links in 18K gold.

    Customer has change his mind and we cast ot in sterling silver.

    Without  sapphires and enamel.


    18K yellow gold ring with black enamel. CAD/CAM rendering

    2013 - 08.17

    cad model 18k goldCAD model.

    18K yellow gold band finger size 5.5


    Silver cross with enamel

    2013 - 01.23

    Silver cross for Gedda enamelSilver cross with enamel.

    Made in the USA

    18K yellow gold ring with diamonds and black enamel

    2012 - 11.20

    CAD version for 18K yellow gold engagement ring with diamonds.

    Made in USA

    Gem and enamel engagement ring

    2012 - 11.01

    Gem and enamel engagement ring CAD

    Could be done with any gems or diamonds and different colors of enamel.

    Silver ring with blue sapphire and enamel

    2012 - 08.08

    Eternity wedding band

    2012 - 05.18

    My new idea about ” eternity” rings with names and words. Could be with enamel and diamonds.

     I will finish this project in the couple of weeks……

    Made in USA

    Silver cross with green enamel

    2012 - 02.18

    Silver cross with green enamel.


    Made in USA

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns

    2011 - 10.13

    Two 14k gold wedding bands with oak leaves and acorns. Hand engraved words inside.

    $ 3.200

    Made in USA

    Anglo Saxon motif 18K gold band

    2011 - 09.19

    This is 18K yellow gold band with anglo-saxom pattern all way around.


    Made in USA

    Signet ring with royal blue enamel on the top

    2011 - 07.21

    Sterling silver signet ring with star of David and two elephants. Royal blue enamel on the top.


    Made in USA

    One carat diamonds in 14K white gold earrings with light green enamel

    2011 - 06.25

    One carat diamonds in 14K white gold earrings with light green enamel.

    Just had finished this yesterday for friend of mine.

     Made id USA

    Gustav Klimt “The Kiss” rings

    2011 - 06.14

    This ring takes Inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s 1907 painting The Kiss. Several elements from the painting have been incorporated into this unique custom design. The ring featured in these pictures was produced in silver, with a royal blue enamel.
    This ring will be created in your choice of precious metal and enamel. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, as this piece is made to order. Only a limited quantity will be made.
    Production is available in sterling silver $450.00.
    14K, 18K gold and platinum will be priced by finger size.

    Made in the USA

    Spiral sterling ring with blue enamel

    2011 - 05.29

    Sterling silver ring with royal blue enamel. Could be manufactured in gold also.

    Made in the USA

    Double enamel ring

    2011 - 03.22

    green-black silver band

    Green and black enamel combination on silver looks very cool. This is one of my previous designs and I think it needs to be re-done with a modern touch. 

    3D CAD/CAM, CNC, Prototyping

    Made in USA

    Old ”Lemoz” rings

    2010 - 08.06

    I have a few rings in my studio that was done many years ago. We made an example of each design to show customers (prehistoric time, before CAD/CAM). All of them have a small bridge on the bottom but otherwise, they are wonderful rings that I can now offer for sale….now that I have my own blog. All of these are sold only at the listed size. If you like the ring but would like to change finger size, metal or color I can make you a new one. It will take 3-4 weeks and a re-quoted price after CAD file is done.


    Made in the USA