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    CAD/CAM. 14K gold earrings with pearls and diamonds.

    2016 - 04.11

    Custom made gold earrings with pearls and diamonds. CAD rendering.

    CAD rendering. 18K gold bracelet. Diamonds and rubies.

    2015 - 09.14

    14K white gold engagement ring. CAD/CAM

    2015 - 02.24

    Custom designed 14K white gold ring with 5 mm princess cut diamond.

    14K white gold ring. Birthday stones. CAD/CAM model

    2014 - 10.11

    CAD CAM Birthday stones ring White gold

    Wedding 14K white gold set. CAD/CAM

    2014 - 03.17

    CAD/CAM design and hand engraving for platinum ring with big diamond.

    2014 - 02.07

    CAD design and hand engraving done for friend of mine http://rikajewelrydesign.com/

    14K white gold ring with 3 emeralds. CAD rendering.

    2014 - 01.30

    14K white gold ring with emeralds and black enamel. Hand engraving inside. CAD CAM 3D model.

    $1500.00 plus stones

    CAD/CAM. 14K white gold claddah band.Two diamonds

    2013 - 12.01

    claddah white gold band two diamonds CAD CAM renderingCAD/CAM rendering.

    14K white gold claddah band.

    Two diamonds.


    Hand engraved mountains on platinum ring

    2013 - 10.21

    mountains ring hand engraved platinumColorado mountains hand engraved on platinum ring.

    CAD version of 18K cuff-links with royal blue enamel and sapphires.Sterling silver cufflinks

    2013 - 08.19

    Original idea was to make these cuff-links in 18K gold.

    Customer has change his mind and we cast ot in sterling silver.

    Without  sapphires and enamel.


    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    2013 - 05.12

    The foreigner language engraved by hand inside of the ring

    ”Otters” 14K white gold band. CAD/CAM 3D rendering

    2013 - 05.10

    14K white gold band with ”otters” design and 3mm sapphire.  CAD/CAM


    Made in USA

    Monogram on rose gold ring. Engraved by hand.

    2013 - 01.10

    Hand engraved monogram on rose gold ring

    Rose gold antique ring with twelve diamonds. I just engraved this “cMrc” monogram by hand.


    Made in the USA

    Heart shape engagement ring

    2012 - 12.01

    Just an idea for engagement ring.

    18K yellow gold ring with diamonds and black enamel

    2012 - 11.20

    CAD version for 18K yellow gold engagement ring with diamonds.

    Made in USA

    Ring for Cindy

    2012 - 11.08

      CAD version for gold or platinum ring with different gems or diamonds.

    Gem and enamel engagement ring

    2012 - 11.01

    Gem and enamel engagement ring CAD

    Could be done with any gems or diamonds and different colors of enamel.

    Engagement ring for Amanda

    2012 - 10.17

    14K white gold engagement ring with 6x8mm diamond on the top and two 3mm diamonds on the sides.

    “Mo Chroi”

    Silver ring with blue sapphire and enamel

    2012 - 08.08

    Leaves and twigs ring

    2012 - 08.03

    Leaves and twigs design. It could be done in any precius metals, with diamond or gems.

    Made in USA

    Eternity wedding band

    2012 - 05.18

    My new idea about ” eternity” rings with names and words. Could be with enamel and diamonds.

     I will finish this project in the couple of weeks……

    Made in USA

    “Four Seasons” rings

    2012 - 01.20

    Engagement ring with diamond and aquamarines

    2011 - 09.21

    14K white gold engagement ring with princess cut diamond 4mm х 4mm and two aquamarines.


    Made in USA