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    Signet wavy ring. CAD

    2010 - 05.18

    This ring was originally an idea that a friend of mine had and we decided to work on this together to create this Roman Style ring.
    This is NOT a real ring just yet, it is a rendering of a 3-dimensional file that I use to then create a wax and then a final metal casting.
    To make this ring “alive” would need approximately 3 weeks. The empty top is for the monogram [ 1 or 2 letters]. On the inside of the ring there is also enough space to further engrave something else.
    In silver it would be $500; For gold or platinum I would need to know your finger size first and then I will be able to figure out a total charge.

    Made in the USA

    Ten shields signet ring. CAD

    2010 - 05.15

    This ring was done by me before but in an “old school” style. Now is the time to convert the last century idea to current day looks and styles. When I started this project I attempted to do so freehand with no sketches and just a simple idea in my head. I was pleased with the outcome and result. To create my idea I designed it through a CAD/CAM program.
    The ring is in the CAD condition for show and can be done from CAD file to final product in 3 weeks. The choice of enamel is entirely dependent on the customer. If they choose to do it with or without enamel it is entirely their choice. The top letter is changeable with one or two letters maximum in a 3-dimensional monogram. Afterwards, I can also engrave the top of the ring very lightly if the customer prefers it.

    Price estimate is dependent upon the metal, finger size, enamel, etc.

    Made in the USA