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    Old English style monogram

    2011 - 03.30


    Old English style letters and numbers on the pocket watch engraved by hand.


    Vine leaves 18K gold ring

    2011 - 03.25

    These two rings are done in 18K gold for friend of mine. It is his idea of the design, I’m just doing CAD/CAM and hand engraving for inside.

    Made in USA

    Koi diamond ring

    2011 - 03.23

    Kio ring was done for my friends. His fiancé and him are big time koi lovers. They gave me a koi picture and asked to create the full ring of that.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the original ring. He was so happy and ready for the honeymoon so we forgot to take it.

    Made in USA

    Double enamel ring

    2011 - 03.22

    green-black silver band

    Green and black enamel combination on silver looks very cool. This is one of my previous designs and I think it needs to be re-done with a modern touch. 

    3D CAD/CAM, CNC, Prototyping

    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver ring

    2011 - 03.22

    I sold this ring earlier this week on ETSY. People still like the old style of hand engraving.

    Made in USA


    Overseas idea

    2011 - 03.21

    This charm was originally a sketch of my friend from overseas. We tried to create this project together and it worked out very well. I received his drawing by e-mail and then created a 3 dimensional object using a CAD/CAM program. After casting in sterling silver and polishing, the charm ended up looking like this. Green enamel and  artificial gemstone on the bottom.

    Luke signet ring

    2011 - 03.21

    This gentleman brought me the pocket watch to hand engrave his initial “L” on the top. After a while, he asked me to create a seal ring with the same letter in reverse position. We’ve been working on CAD design together. The final object is really rich and looks impressive. I used my CNC machine to cut it in green wax. He decided to cast it in sterling silver.

    Made in the USA

    White gold diamond ring

    2011 - 03.19


    Small example of quick and high quality piece of jewelry. Customer wanted a very simple white gold diamond ring with hand engraved script inside. The whole process took less than 2 weeks.

    1- Customer sketch

    2- 3D CAD file

    3- Casting and setting

    4- Hand engraving

    Made in USA