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    Sterling Silver Crucifix

    2012 - 05.22

    This silver crucifix is 2″ tall on a leather choker.
    This is one example in sterling silver. If you want I can make it in silver, gold,  platinum , etc.  It would take 3-4 weeks for it.

    $250.00 is for the silver crucifix only.

    720-838-7133 Oleg

    Made in USA

    Eternity wedding band

    2012 - 05.18

    My new idea about ” eternity” rings with names and words. Could be with enamel and diamonds.

     I will finish this project in the couple of weeks……

    Made in USA

    14K white gold “Phoenix” signet ring

    2012 - 05.17

    Here is a one of a kind ring that I designed with my friend and neighbor.  We worked together through multiple iteration and multiple ideas to design and create this initialed ring with a phoenix around the band.  The assymetry of the ring adds to its eye catching design.  People often stop the wearer to inquire about the origin of the jewelry.


    Made in USA

    Seven skulls silver band

    2012 - 05.15

    This silver band has seven skulls on each side. It’s done with a special technique which causes a lot of cracks and rough surfaces. This gives the spooky looks and kind of gloomy characteristics.

    Made in USA