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    Hand engraved monogram on 14K signet ring

    2014 - 07.01

    Hand engraved monogram on gold ring.

    Hand engraved Tiffany silver dog tag

    2014 - 06.11

    hand engraved tiffany silver dog tag Hand engraving on silver $150

    Family crest engraved by hand on 14K gold signet ring

    2014 - 02.07

    Family crest hand engraved on gold signet ring14K yellow gold signet ring.

    Family crest engraved by hand

    $500 for engraving only.

    Hand engraved monogram “HAL”. Tiffany bracelet.

    2013 - 05.04

    Hand engraving $170hand engraved monogram tiffany bracelet

    Hand engraved monogram

    2013 - 02.24
    cMk hand engraved monogramHand engraved “cMk” monogram on 14K locket. I couldn’t polish the surface because this special “blooming gold” finishing. Still looks ok, but I prefer to polish each of my works.

    Monogram on rose gold ring. Engraved by hand.

    2013 - 01.10

    Hand engraved monogram on rose gold ring

    Rose gold antique ring with twelve diamonds. I just engraved this “cMrc” monogram by hand.


    Made in the USA

    Hand engraved monogram on silver case

    2012 - 12.10

    Hand engraved monogram on silver case

    Hand engraved on “Tiffany” silver case.

    Three initials – aHl-monogram.


    Made in USA

    Hand engraved silver plate for Hardy

    2012 - 12.06

    hand engraved silver plate

    Hand engraved monogram on white gold ring

    2012 - 11.29

    This is “mMe” monogram engraved by hand on white gold ring.


    Made in USA